At Stones Edge Landscaping, we believe that the right structures can transform your outdoor space into a functional and aesthetically pleasing haven. From the warmth of wood to the durability of metal, our expert team specializes in designing and constructing structures that enhance both the form and function of your outdoor environment. Whether you’re looking for privacy, a cozy deck, or a captivating pergola, our structure landscaping services are tailored to meet your unique needs.

Regina Landscaping Services

Structure Design & Construction


Fencing and Decks

Create a secure and inviting outdoor space with our expertly crafted fences and decks. From classic wooden fences to modern deck designs, we bring both functionality, style and security to your property.


Pergolas and Arbors

Add a touch of architectural elegance to your outdoor area with our custom-designed pergolas and arbours. These structures not only provide shade but also serve as eye-catching focal points to your garden or patio.

Trellis | Stone's Edge Landscaping


Bring vertical interest to your outdoor space with our artistic trellises. Whether supporting climbing plants or acting as standalone features, our trellises add a dynamic element to your landscape.
Privacy Screens

Privacy Screens

Enjoy seclusion and privacy with our thoughtfully designed privacy screens. Using a variety of materials, we create screens that not only enhance your outdoor living experience but also add a touch of sophistication to your space.
Why Choose Stones Edge Landscaping

for Landscaping in Regina?

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Versatility in Design

Our skilled designers can adapt to various styles, from traditional to contemporary, ensuring that our structures seamlessly integrate with your overall landscape design.

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Quality Materials

Whether it's the warmth of wood or the durability of metal, we use high-quality materials to ensure that your structures not only look stunning but also withstand the elements.

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Functional and Aesthetic

Our structures are designed with both form and function in mind. We prioritize creating outdoor spaces that are not only beautiful but also serve a practical purpose.



We understand that every outdoor space is unique. Our team works closely with you to customize structures that align with your vision, creating a tailored solution for your Regina property.

WE are committed to

Planning. Design. Premium Product.

Illuminate the beauty of your outdoor haven with expert lighting design from Stones Edge Landscaping. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let’s bring the magic of light to your outdoor living space where you truly belong.
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