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Illuminate your outdoors with expert lighting design and installation in Regina. At Stones Edge Landscaping, we understand the importance of showcasing and enjoying your outdoor oasis, and that’s why we offer expert lighting design services. Our focus on path lighting sets us apart, making us one of the few contractors dedicated to providing this specialized service to enhance the beauty of your outdoor environment.

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Lighting Design & INstallation

Path Lighting

Path Lights

Guide your way through the enchanting paths of your outdoor space with our exquisite path lighting. Our expertly designed fixtures not only illuminate your walkways but also add a touch of elegance and ambience to your landscape, creating a mesmerizing nocturnal experience.
Accent Lighting

Accent Lights

Highlight the unique features of your outdoor space with our carefully placed accent lights. Whether it’s a focal point, architectural detail, or a cherished tree, our accent lighting creates visual interest and draws attention to the elements that make your landscape truly special.
Deck Lighting

Deck Lighting

Extend your outdoor enjoyment into the evening with our deck lighting installation in Regina. Illuminate your deck with subtle, inviting lights that provide both safety and a warm atmosphere, making it the perfect spot for nighttime gatherings or quiet moments.

For additional inspiration and ideas, we encourage you to explore our supplier’s website, Cast Lighting, to discover the latest trends and innovative lighting options for your outdoor space.

Why Choose Stones Edge Landscaping

for Lighting Design?

street lamp

Path Lighting Specialization

We are one of the few contractors specializing in path lighting, ensuring that your walkways are not only well-lit but also exude a captivating charm.


Expertise in Design

Our skilled designers understand the artistry of lighting and create custom designs that enhance the beauty of your outdoor space, creating a magical atmosphere.

Panoramic View | Stone's Edge Landscaping

Attention to Detail

We focus on the subtleties that make a difference. From the placement of accent lights to the ambience created by deck lighting, our attention to detail ensures a cohesive and enchanting lighting design.


Bringing Beauty Outdoors

We go beyond mere illumination; we bring the elements of landscaping to create beauty in your outdoor space, encouraging you to spend more time in the serenity of your own backyard.

WE are committed to

Planning. Design. Premium Product.

Illuminate the beauty of your outdoor haven with expert lighting design from Stones Edge Landscaping. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, and let’s bring the magic of light to your outdoor living space where you truly belong.
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